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Governance indicators database.

Poor governance , corruption undermine the economies of developing countries as well as the World Bank s core mission of poverty reduction , disproportionately.

Board of director s effectiveness , the stakeholder perspective of corporate governance: Do effective boards promote the interests of.

Source: Worldwide Governance Indicators Click on a metadata icon for original source information to be used for citation. KPI Library automates Key Performance Indicators reporting, specialized in measuring , visualizing metrics , performance trends for business executives.

Key WHO Information Director General Director General , Executive Board , World Health Assembly., senior management Governance of WHO WHO Constitution

Worldwide Governance Indicators from The World Bank: Data

Relative to the previous update of the WGI, we have made a number of revisions to the source data underlying the WGI, some of which affect the data for previous years. Find out about OECD countries’ regulatory policy and governance practices in the areas of stakeholder engagement, Regulatory Impact AssessmentRIA) and ex post.

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