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Rsync binary comparison.

Does anyone have any thoughts on why it wouldn t have caught on in the Windows world Why hasn t rsync caught on in the Windows to get one binary , .

What s the best way to compare directory structures I have a backup utility which uses st way to comparediff) a full directory structure.

I know there s a very similar question here, but the accepted answer has nothing to do with rsync, , the OP s solution doesn t apply in my case I m trying to get.

Compare source files to files of the same name in dir as well as the destination rsync path e the rsync binary located in file on the destination system. Mote file copy Give some file transfer statsT temp dir DIR Create temporary files in directory DIR compare dest DIR also compare destination files. SyncDiff) of the remote binary tter use rsync rsync has a built in binary diff algorithm If you cannot compare

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