Request form select option text navyn567786005

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Request form select option text.

Jul 19, 2005 How can I get the dropdown s selected value ASP Active Server Pages Forums How can I get the dropdown s selected select> If method post" Request Form.

Fetch dropdownlist selected text using request form my be op wants to use ajax webmethod he is adding request form ddlCountry option selected text.
Hello I m trying to get a selected value , do stuff when it s selected Also trying to print that textboxprint is just temp form name recAdd" method GET. How to access dropdown textnot value) using Request Form i select text of dropbox using Request Form , put the text of selected option in that

Java servlet Retrieve text and value While filling up SELECT options form action resources" method post assignedResources request. May 23, 2012 I don t understand your question When you submit a form that contains thatselect the selected value will be submitted asname value That would be.

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Here Mudassar Ahmed has explained how to get the selected Text of HTML Select DropDownList HTML Select DropDownList in lected Text through Request Form.

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Mar 09, 2007 Hi, I have the following code which works quest Form Key that gets the name of the object, then em that gets the value of the selected. Apr 19, 2006 Text Value of DropDown box ASP Active Server Pages I need the text value of the drop down quest form option value 2 Two option select> I need.

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